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What our Users say

I met my now wife on one of my work trips in Brazil and the only chat we ever used for communicating was facebook (Skype was only used for video). A lot of good memories - including the first time I received a message from her upon returning from the trip where I met her - are part of our facebook chat. ... more

Eduardo from Canada

I wanted to download my conversation with a good friend i have talked to a lot over the past year (We live about 4000 miles apart, so Facebook message is a big deal of the communication) Sadly the Facebook data download only shows for 4 months. ... more

Emil from Denmark

I wanted to keep the conversation where we were talking about our friendship, and about a letter I had sent her telling her that I was closer to her than I was to most people. We decided not to talk about it. Some time later, she told me she liked me and had done for a while. ... more


I needed my messages with my husband because fb msgs where rhe easiest and cheapest way for us to keep in contact with each other. We live in different countries. And those messages are proof of our communication whilst we are apart. Which I need to sponsor my husband. Without red1 to download the thousands of messages I really wouldn't know how else to get a hold of my messages.

Hien from Vietnam

I'm Anas from Egypt. I started using Red1 after the facebook archive didn't help me to store and save my messages due to the limitations on the numbers of messages but with Red1 there is no limit you can save and store your own love story , best memories and nice words for ever. I used it for 6 months till now and it didn't fail my expectations . I'm proud to use this application and support it to be the best archive for my own messages.

Anas from Egypt

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can MessageSaver post on my Facebook wall?

No. Of course we would appreciate if you told your friends about our service but we will not post anything without your permission!

Will a message be marked as read if I download it?

No, it will not.

Can my friends see, that I am downloading a conversation?

No, nobody can see that.

I really want another layout. What can I do?

Please let us know on our Facebook page. We take your input very seriously and try to implement as many of your suggestions as possible.

I have a suggestion for a new feature. Do you want to hear it?

Yeeeeeees!!!! Please let us know! Please go to your Facebook site and let us know. We try to answer and comment as many of your posts as possible!

I keep getting errors or my download does not work right.

Sorry about that. Could you please send us a personal message and describe what went wrong. We'll try to fix it!

Our Story

At first, we developed MessageSaver because we wanted to download our own Facebook messages. It was the story of getting to know each other and has become over the months and years a chronic of a very important part of our lives. After we decided to make the service available to everyone, we realized how important the messages are to so many people. How dear they are to them and how emotional their relationship to their messages is. Many people are using MessageSaver to download their own love story while others are trying to save the words of a dear person that has passed away.

We are totally fascinated by the fact that our service is being used all over the world and by the personal stories behind that. You, our users, have sent us a lot of messages and while writing to you, we have learned, that no matter whether we are from Asia, South America, India or any other part of the world we all "tick" the same way deep inside.

We really hope you enjoy this service and we'd love to hear from you. Share your story! We will continue to improve MessageSaver and add new functionality. Please let us know what we should do next.

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